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I love when cats decide they love something.

That is a very patient bunny.

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Kitten rejected by mother and raised by golden retriever

I’m so happy for this little kitty

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This is why you should have a cat y’all. Egyptians believed that cats repelled evil spirits.

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one difference between cats and dogs is that dogs do absolutely nothing to mask their clinginess while cats pretend it’s a coincidence they’re in the same room as you 97% of the time

"The fact I am laying on your face means nothing"

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My local rescue has a program called Book Buddies where kids read to sheltered cats to keep them from being lonely.

That’s beautiful.

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28-year old Cola the cat is set to celebrate a milestone birthday - turning 140 in cat years and being crowned Britain’s oldest cat. Until now a cat called Wadsworth, from Ravensden, Bedfordshire, was thought to hold the crown of Britain’s oldest living feline - after celebrating his 27th birthday this year. But Cola, who was born in in November 1985, trumps him by several months.

this cat is older than me. he’s probably older than you too. just think about that.

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Oh my God, watch this video. 


When it woke up and meowed… Omg

im gonna have to slay a dragon to feel manly again

God damn, I love being a firefighter. I hope I can be this heroic someday. 

Growing up with a family full of fireman you hear some crazy stories. God Bless our Firefighters. They are heros.

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My old cats, Tom and Little, always slept together in a guitar case. They both lived for seventeen years and my family is still convinced that they were in love. Little was perfectly healthy when Tom died, but a week after his death she stopped eating and would hide behind couches and in corners all day. Within a month, she passed away too. They are buried side by side in our garden.

This is the saddest fucking thing ever omg my heart

i melt

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