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Lily because she’s awesome even though this doesn’t apply to her! jk I had to come and make a Potter remark,

Prongs wants a package? 

We can do something about that. ^_^

How do you plan on putting a certain someone in a box? D: LOL jk And yes maybe…yes.

The Advantages of Loving a Baker
Me: I'm Peeta and I know it!
Cousin: LOL got a loaf in my pocket and I ain't afraid to throw it, throw it, throw it.
Me: Is that a loaf in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? LOL
Cousin: LOL you got to make the dough rise.
Me: By kneading it with your hands. lol
Cousin: OMG... loving a baker can be so naughty!
Me: I know! Peeta approves of this conversation.

starkstruck-mcbender replied to your post: Yay!!! I just Ordered…

Awesome! I’ve got 4 collections so far: James mcAvoy’s films, Michael Fassbender’s, M. Night Shyamalan’s and Harry Potter :) I might start a Renner collection soon though

Ooooh M. Night and HP! Love them both and of course James and Michael are super hotties so I don’t blame you at all. :D I also have the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings collections going and now I started the Renner one. Ahh what he makes us do lol. He has so many movies too!

avenging-angel replied to your post: As a reward for actually reading…

i want to see that movie so bad

I heard him talking about it in an interview as one of his favorites so here I am! 11 minutes in and he’s on-screen. Ahhhh! lol It already started all depressing though. :(

avenging-angel replied to your post: Just converted another person into a Jeremy fan.

i did to *high fives*

*high five* Who did you get? This was one of the few guys my cousin and I actually agreed on. He must be that hot that no one can resist! lol

andanunidentifiedgalpal answered your question: Jeremy Renner really likes…

Yes, on the cargo pants p/set. A faaaabulous idea. :)

Wow I had no idea everyone would want to see the cargo pants set lol. I’m working on it now! :D

nikkidinosaurcookie answered your question: Jeremy Renner really likes…

Bwahaha, YES! If you do that I will forever follow you and omggg. Lmao :D

I will do it then!!!! It’s getting to the point where I’m noticing all these weird things about him lol. Thanks for the follow yay! :D

avenging-angel replied to your post: avenging-angel replied to your post:…

i guess im just the responsible one and always keep them with. yea we are friends now i did help you in the idea of zombie jeremy. he makes my mind go blank sometimes and can’t think straight, the man does things to me like no other

And vampire Jeremy! I’d try wolf man but then we wouldn’t be able to recognize him lol. Right! I think my friends are getting sick of me talking about him. He’s hot so I dn’t think they mind the pictures. I just wanna do things to him that…I can’t even say here! lol

avenging-angel replied to your post: avenging-angel replied to your post:…

i was just thinking like a guy and said condoms i know i keep them with me just in case. but its been a while since i even had any to use them on lol tmi im sorry. i want to find out

LOL it’s okay, I’m sure this makes us officially friends now. :P That makes me feel irresponsible, I’m like…”The guy will have some right? Right? -____- Yikes. Me too, I’d totally lose all my inhibitions. What has he done! lol

avenging-angel replied to your post: avenging-angel replied to your post:…

dog treats,keys thats all i got unless he keeps condoms with him but those might be in the wallet lol

LOL at condoms omg. Why do I get the feeling that wouldn’t be so far fetched? Oh Jeremy. I hope one of us gets the chance to find out one day lol. ;) There was an alley around there somewhere I’m sure. >____>

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