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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney at the Golden Globes after party (1.12.2014).


"How to become the most adorable thing in the world" by Aidan Turner. [x]

I had to make the last one b&w and short because tumblr couldn’t upload it grrrrrr :@


That skank looks pretty pleased with himself [x]



Original video here (x)

Hillywood video here (x)

I’m so glad the Hobbit press-drought is over, I could almost cry.

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Aidan Turner at the “BAFTA TV” preview of ‘Hattie’ - (November 28, 2011)


As promised!

Some more Dean O’Gorman photos of mine since we are definitely lacking in them!

Dean was all but making love to his mic during that panel and ohh the number of derpy faces I got of him! (Would anyone wanna see just a “bad photo” set?!)

Melbourne Supanova 2013


Pretty boys.

More of Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman from the Wellington Armageddon Expo! :)


Dean O’Gorman and his hands!

Adelaide Supanova Saturday Panel - 2013

Please no editing or reposting of these photos :)


"Which one of you is the best dancer?" - [X]

Many thanks to the fantastic and very lucky the-kiwi-avenger for the original video

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