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“A mindless beast… makes play he’s still a man.”

The hulk is so freaking adorable!!!

I need to stop taking pictures when I’m pissed off.

THIS Hawkeye though. He is my favorite.


I’m going to make my own reboot of Sherlock Holmes: SHERHAWK HOLMES AND HULKSON: HULK SMASH PUNY CLUE.

They would just wander around and get confused at things and smash/blow stuff up, unless the clue is a door, and Hawkeye will have a brilliant revelation about doors opening from both sides. Black Widow will be Lestrade and she’ll just go ahead and solve the mystery for them and then make them think they did they did it so that they feel proud of themselves.


You wanna know my secret, Captain?

Best part of the Hulks corner of the film is after that line.

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