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James “Jem” Coughlin


James Coughlin. Father was killed in prison. Mother died HIV. Shot Brendan Leahey by the cemetery behind Mishawum when he was eighteen years old. Bled it out. When the judge asked him why he did it, he said, “I didn’t like the kid.” Served nine years for manslaughter. 

The rest of my stuff arrived today yay! On top is what I got in the mail today and the bottom is the collection so far! Time to order some more. :D

Jeremy Renner - The Town

Playing around with PS, might remake this one and make it better. Click on it to see HQ.

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I find Renner absoloutley sexy in The Town despite all the cussing, beating guys up, shooting people, and being an overall douche. Ugh he’s so hot!!! There is something wrong with me, he’s supposed to be the bad guy and I just want to f- uh…yeah. ;) Anyway back to the movie.

        I am watching The Town

            “Jeremy Renner! 
            Check-in to
     The Town on

I am watching The Town

“Jeremy Renner!

Check-in to The Town on

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